Solva Duck Race

Easter Monday  in Photos



Middle Mill and the River Solva



Further down the river the ducks are released into the water

The ducks bobbing down the river



The lead duck enters Solva  24 sec. video*


Some 25 minutes later, the first ducks arrive near the finish line



At the finish line the ducks get rescued. 28 sec. video*


The St Davids Penknife Club serve burgers



And children enjoying all the fun of a Bouncy Castle

*Videos only work in updated browsers/players

Past  Winners:

2015:  1st  Donald   2nd Max   3rd Millie

2013:  1st  Victor   2nd Tomos   3rd April

2012:  1st  Zoe      2nd Nigel     3rd Fred

2011:  1st Jemima   2nd Monty   3rd April

2010:  1st Alex   2nd Yvonne   3rd Simon

2009:  1st Claire   2nd Queenie   3rd Una

2008:   1st Monty   2nd Val    3rd Yvonne

2007:   1st Gwyneth    2nd Eva    3rd Zoe

2006:   1st Greg    2nd Ben    3rd Jemima

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